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Long Term Trading Binary Options

The rise or fall of a price of an asset depends on the demand that has been created for it and its supply.

A Long Term Binary option can be a very good method to predict the future, provided that the forecasts made are precisely. This option is greater suited for the more experienced traders. It predicts a target price of an asset by a predefined time.

An expiry period of a Long Term Binary Option is general from one week up to an year. The process is similar to that of a classis option. Firstly an asset is selected and an expiry time determined, an investment is specified and a Call or Put option is predicted.

There are only two outcomes for a trader to expect – either the trade could be ‘In the money’ or ‘Out of the money’.

There are no fixed investment prices in this method and one can expect up to an 85% return on investment.  An asset is selected from the different categories given – Forex, Commodities, Currencies, Stocks, Indices or Pairs.

While decisions on short term options are quick, traders take more calculated decisions when selecting to trade on Long Term options. Decisions are more analytical, logically thought of and strategized.

long term trading

There are different signals to indicate the movement of stocks. Natural occurrences, such as extreme weather conditions and disasters that will have an impact on harvests, political changes in a country affecting the policies and economies of those countries, will change the forecasts of Long Term trading. E.g. A ruling party of a country changing may have different trade policies implemented or staff of a certain company being taken employment by its competitor.

There are many trading options offered in Long Term binary trading. They are Double Up, Sell Back, Take Profit and Hedging.

To briefly explain it, ‘Double up’ is an option offered for a trader to double his stakes for an open trade. This means that the trader can buy another option of the same asset, expiry time, with the same direction and at the same price and payout, by pressing the Double-Up button.

In the case of a ‘Sell Back’, it is allowed for a trader to sell back to the broker on open trade and when in-the-money, for a profit. If in out-of-the-money position, the trader can sell back for a lesser amount than he invested to mitigate losses, during open trade yet again.

‘Take Profit’ advises the trader if his active position is in-the-money or not before it expires. This enables the investor to exit from the trade in advance, for a minimum commission. This option would be ideal if a change is expected in the price trend.

‘Hedging’, on the other hand, is more of a safe option which is taken to reduce the risk of losing while increasing profits. For this purpose, it is required to place two bids, both on Call & Put directions, whereby there could be a win in both instances or in one definitely.

long term trading 2Long Term binary trading is a tool more attractive for experienced traders as it requires patience and confidence in monitoring the trends. In this, the losses can be kept to a minimal while expecting higher gains. E.g. the best times for fashion industry sales are during the holidays. Thus to make a Call option 6 months earlier on a company doing relatively well in the industry, would be beneficial.

These are signals that are available in the market which help Long Term Trade profitability.


Binary Options Signals providers offer current trends through graphs. They are either upwards or downwards. Assumptions of trends are made through past histories. Trends can be categorized as Bullish for upwards, Bearish for Downwards and Flat with no movement either way.

Long Term Trading is very much similar to short term trading with the exception of the expiry time set for a longer period.  For the prediction of the target price to be reached, takes a longer term. Therefore the risks are higher. Making the right prediction can be very fulfilling for traders who are experts in the area and can expect high returns for their investments. Hence a foolproof strategy is essential when choosing the option.


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One Touch Trading Binary Options

One touch options in the stock market help the traders in the markets. The options are very easy to invest in. These options have a specific amount to be invested. The one touch options give investors the payout at once. In one touch options, the assets lying under trade are set at specified limits. When the specified limit reaches or creeps up high the traders are promptly paid up the profit margin. Trading in one touch options it is easy for the traders to set up a fixed time, expiry period, and the payments to be received. Setting up specified limits aids the trade safely and get the reward amounts safely.

Outcomes of the One touch trading Options

There are only two possible outcomes of using the one touch options. The first possibility is that when a merchant invests the amount of the asset. And after a certain time if the price of the asset reaches or exceeds the specified limit, the investor gets the payment promptly on the rates which the investor and broker have agreed upon. The other possibility is that when a merchant invests the amount of the asset. And after a certain time if the price of the asset stays beneath or is below the specified limit, the investor loses his all invested amount.

Succeed Using One-touch Options

To succeed in the one touch option it is essential that the merchants have and adequate knowledge of the market. The merchants having information about the past data of the market are able to surpass every trade that they make. Knowing about the market is essential than investing the amount of asset. The primary thing in making a profit in the stock markets is knowing about the present prevailing conditions and the past trend of the stock market. Having some experience will aid you making more profits than having no info of the market at all.ot1

About Binary Options

Binary options are the best to enter into a market. These are very helpful for the traders who have newly entered the stock exchange market. Binary options are appealing to the clients and customers because they are quick rewarding. You can make cash very quickly using the binary options. There are two possible outcomes of the binary options. Either you get a high return of your invested amount or you get nothing at all. Binary options are appealing to customers in a way that even if you lose the amount there is a chance of getting some of it back which is better than getting nothing in return. In addition to is the reward money is paid out quickly. You don’t have to wait for days for the reward money.

Risky One Touch Binary Option Trading

Aside from the profit margin there is a lot of risk factor involved in the binary options market trading. The risk factor is directly proportional to the profit margin that you are estimating to get out of the trade that you are about to carry. Higher the risk factor higher is the possibility of profit. There are more chances of profit while trading in binary options. Binary options trading provide a wider chance of profit to the customers. The one touch options are also available in the binary options market. The best way to carry out one touch trading in binary options is by hedging. Hedging provides the best chance to build up your profit margin and successful trades. You can try One Touch Binary Trading with CTOption Brokers.

Definition of Hedging

Hedging means to counterbalance the risk of loss with other transactions. Dealers in stocks make future contracts, based on a forecast, to make a profit. Sometimes, the forecast may go wrong. In that cause, these dealers move into more contracts to transfer some part of the loss to the shoulders of others. This process of risk-transferring through additional contracts is called Hedging. Through hedging, it is easily possible to minimize the chances and amounts of loss. When you transfer the loss over to the shoulders of others it is very easy for you to minimize the loss.ot2

Hedging Strategy in One touch Binary Option Trading

Hedging allows you to carry less risk, and more chances of profitability. If you lose the invested amount you can transfer the amount of loss so that you won’t have to suffer the loss. These strategies are used by the experienced merchants dwelling in the market. Traders who are new to the stock market and don’t know about these strategies initially suffer from great losses. But with time as they gain experience their profit making ability goes on increasing. Using the one touch binary options, there are three possible outcomes, one loss, one win, and dual loss or win. In case of loss, hedging is the best strategy to cover up your loss.

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Binary Options as a Way of Making Money

There are a number of ways through which one can make money. In the financial and securities market this can be through investing is securities such as shares, bonds, treasury bills mutual funds etc. these have been in the for quite a while now.  Among the newer entrants to the scene are binary options. As a tool for making money, you will find few that offer as high a return in the financial markets. Caution is needed however, because few carry as large a risk as the same. Understanding how they work is the first step to earning a sizeable fortune on these investments.


How they work.

Simply put, people make money through options by correctly predicting an assets future movement in terms of price or performance of other economic variables. A correct prediction earns the investor his/her money back plus a certain percentage of the initial investment as return. With these percentage in some instances reaching upwards of over 80%, it’s no wonder why the trading of such has caught on so fast. Add to this the fact that these returns can be made in a matter of hours if not minutes and seconds and you really get people hurrying to get themselves some trades.

Caution is needed though.

This because as easy as it sounds a lot of money is also lost by traders in losing trades. Yes, even with only two options to choose from, and with ample time to research, not everyone will get it right. That’s how speculation works. Ask yourself if everyone made winning trades, what would happen to the brokers and their business? All brokers would simply go bankrupt. Since they will never allow this to happen, we are better of trying to make as much winning trades and as less a losing trade as we can. 100% winning trades throughout your lifetime is impossible. Getting near it as possible though, that’s a quest everyone should aspire to pursuit.

How maximize on the profits

057Firstly, you need to be able to get as much winning trades as possible. Trading of options is not that hard, with a little patience and taking the time to go through as many materials on binary options as possible. This will go a long way in helping you become a top trader to.

Also, choosing a good broker will be key. This because most will offer you advice on where to place tour money and where not to.

Additional tools and provisions.

In recent times there have been many advanced features attached to binary options. All this have been introduced to further entice investors to buy options. Some of the more common tools include:

  • Options builder. This allows a trader to build their own trading contracts and create the terms of their options according to their own way. As such a trader is able to pick expiry times, investment amount as well as their return on investment. Regular binary options come with all these aspects fixed which can limit your trading strategy.
  • Close options before expiry. This will be useful when you are certain that you made a losing trade with a particular option. In such a case you will have an option to cut the extent of your loses by quitting the contract early.
  • Extending the expiry time of an option. Other times you will find yourself having made an almost perfect prediction. However, even though your prediction might fail to come true before duration of the agreed time yet you know that were the time to be extended just a bit your prediction will come to pass. Such a tool will turn your wishes into reality by allowing you to stretch the deadline.

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Finding a good signal provider


Traders are always looking for the best possible deal, a deal that will help them make great profit, and to do this they will have to look for the best possible Binary Option, that will help them pick the best possible option out there. In the world of trading, there are too many risks and too much variation, so if it happens that a trader gets a reliable signal service, they will feel a lot more relaxed due to the fact that in that case, they feel as if they can make all the right decisions.

24Option signals are a great deal due to the fact that you can choose boundary options, and you can even choose high yield options. You, as a trader, can get these signals on any type of a trading platform you use, and you can receive them via email, SMS, or even via voicemail! However, you can never be sure that these signals are 100% true and accurate, but they will be given to you with the best judgment made by the people who are sending them. These signals are more than likely to help you in your chase for the best assets out there, and you need to remember that, while you’re looking for the Binary Options signals, you will first need to understand the way the market works.

Internet is full of knowledge regarding Binary Options, and you can receive it via these signals. They will be your guide, so you can find the best trading pair out there that will lead you to receive the best possible returns for you. There are many other reasons why people should choose these 24Option signals.

trading-signalsThese signals cannot just be sent by anyone about anything. Numerous parameters have to be met in order for the signals to get sent, and if they are not taken care of, they may look to give some inaccurate information to you. So, it will be pleasing to know that all these parameters have to be met in 24Option signals, so there is no room for errors here.

When choosing this type of signals, you can relax due to the fact that this signal providing team has the best experts out there. They are veterans who are closely analyzing the trends in the market before they send out the signals. They study the rise and fall of the currencies, the entire history of the market, as well as the spot value. This means that the percentage of the correct assessments is really high, and there is practically no room for mistakes.

With this great accuracy, this service is one of the most popular out there. However, if you do not quite believe it, you can always check the site and try to analyze if they are indeed that accurate. That means that you, yourself, can determine if this is true, and if there is a scam going on. You are going to discover that no such thing is taking place.

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Most Gainful Auto Trading Robots



Users has to know some of the common benefits which automated trading systems in binary options provide – before we tell you further about these advantageous auto trading robots. Automated systems can help if you look for profiting but you have a busy schedule and cannot be available physically all the time, well, and then even when you are away from the computer screen you can reach higher profits. Auto trading robot is a real time saver in terms of opportunity cost of not trading and also in terms of replacing the lowest financial analysis knowledge with an advanced trading patterns recognition software that creates signals.

Binary Option Robot computerizes most of the trading process for the users, using advanced techniques. The software is handily ran from the cloud, recognizes most frequent price indicators and technical patterns in order to generate signals with correctness that outstrips average trader.

Trading (2)The risks that are involved are reduced and that is another great advantage of the Binary Option Robot, as the investors can influence different buying/selling systems and there is no mental trading involved, and that means no stress all the time. In this way, the Binary Options Robot allows traders to make safer and better decisions about trading, while being one of the most beneficial auto trading robots on the market.

Binary auto trading robots are very useful tool in the trading world for beginners, and it is also appropriate for experienced traders, once they don’t have to sit all day long staring at screen and losing time trying in order to understand and process different terms and charts related to the trading process. Used by the BO Robot trading algorithm – superior price data analysis makes sure that higher return that create it one of the most gainful auto trading robots.

Because of its server ran nature, it is available for all platforms and Binary Option Robot is free for users who can sign up with a lot of accessible binary options brokers that are featured. With this amazing tool, there is no need to install anything and for now the access is fixed to everyone who makes an account through the Binary Option Robot link since existing accounts will not work.

The most advanced is Binary Option robot and yet the easiest way to influence the power of advanced computing for unexpected results. Also, the most gainful auto trading robot is available for United States customers trough featured United States binary options brokers!

By analyzing the market trend in real time calculating the live worth of each trading indicator is how the Binary Options Robot works. These indicators are made to provide auto trading signals to call or put. The Binary Option Robot immediately performs the trades on the binary options broker following the signals and the trading system.

You need to download and install the trading software, before you start to perform your trades with the Binary Options Robot. After that, you will need to login or sign up to your Binary Options Trading account. And then push on Auto Trading and your software will start to trade automatically on your binary options account.

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24Option is one of the leading brands that offer traders some of the highest returns on investment in the world. It is founded in 2010 in Cyprus and they are also the innovators in the market. This company receives top grades for their great and outstanding customer service and free demo account. Wide varieties of tutorials are given by 24Option and they allow you to trade on the go with their exclusive mobile site as well. 24Option were one of the first brokers to obtain a CySEC CIF license which made them a regulated Binary Options broker all over the EU. A prize of $24,000 is given out to the best traders from 24Optionas part of have a trading contest.

Payments can be made with Credit or Debit cards such as Visa, Mastercard as well as e-wallets and wire transfer. Depending on payment methods withdrawals of the money can be done in a day.

24Option also has one of the top customer service divisions in the industry.  Local phone support and Live chat service which is 24/7 are available in 21 countries. The trading platform and support are accessible in number of languages (16 to be precise). 24option also has the instructing department with a professional staff of experienced traders to assist novice trough advanced traders. Free eBook is also available beside earlier mentioned training videos.

24Option application is available for both IOS and android. This mobile app has all of the characteristics of the PC platform permitting the user to place trades and follow his place while on the go.


Without a valid reason 24Option would not be one of the frontrunners in the market. As its mentioned before it is a company established in 2010, and the company board did a great number of things properly and presented that 24Option are customer oriented and an inventive broker which will be reliable on in the time to come as well. Trading platforms are modern and user-friendly but also the various trading ways allow a very high level option trading. Along with OptionFair, 24Option is part of one of the biggest binary options trading companies. 24Optionis providing its own platform and does not make use of a white label trading platform. Advantages of this platform can be seen from the first day of its use. 24Option has its own unique identity and if you like black as color then you will become accustomed to the black backgrounds and gold fonts. 24Option is a trustworthy binary options broker with a long history and well-known brand name. The 24Option is giving the broker available a great number of instruments and trading types. The wide variety of payment possibilities is also a considerable point for the 24Option. There is no reason you shouldn’t sign up for 24Option even if you are slightly experienced trader because you will just enjoy using it. Management team of the 24Option is highly devoted to creating the most user-friendly trading experience for all their traders while also achieving maximum profitability.

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Is 24Option a Scam?



The general idea following trading platform of 24Option is a little bit diverse in comparison to the most other binary options brokers, as the assets are agreed from the shortest expiry time which is mostly thirty seconds to the longest which usually ends of the day with a few exceptions. For instance, you will see a list of all assets set by their time of expiration if you click on the High\Low tab. And the 1st assets are those who a have the shortest finishing times, as the last one frequently expires at the end of the day. Certainly, a trader can click on the High\Low tab and then select stocks or indices tabs to view only the selected assets. Also, there are more than hundred assets and in every category and they will come into view from the shortest to the longest expiry time. We found this platform very simple to use in comparison to most other platform. The TechFinanciels platform provides a superior solution for most types of investors and those segnali24optionwho trade around the clock in a matter of seconds and those who like better to trade more conservative. Also, both types of investors are going to find the very attractive In-the-Money return very satisfying- up to ninety percent in-the-money and the option of closing a trade before expiry in order to secure profits. The average returns are eighty percent for major forex pairs and seventy percent for exotic and minor pairs. These nice-looking returns are between the leading numbers in the Binary Options industry. And the only downside is the fairly high minimum investment (about twenty five dolars for most assets), which could limit beginners. But, 24Option offer a demo so beginners can first trade with virtual money at first and only then invest for real. For beginners one slighter downside which is concerned is the above standard minimum deposit (two hundred dollars). Usually we like better brokers who accept lesser minimum deposit fees, but in 24Option case, we can rebelliously say that it is worth it, because of 24Option regulation.

In 2013 24Option was regulated. It means that the money deposited to the provider is safe by a regulation under the CySec. The regulation is the main reason why 24Option was added with pleasure to the list of non-scam brokers. Now, just because a broker is regulated, it does not mean that it does not suck! Despite being fraud-free and regulated there is more than 1 binary options broker that suck! But, that is not the only reason 24Option was added to our list of non-scam brokers. Also, 24Option has a great user-interface, between other features. For their user-interference, we concluded that the overall navigating and the trading process are simply great. By clicking on the asset the trading process is easy to use and the live charts are available. He or she does not need to browse to other pages if a trader wants to examine the asset more closely; an easy click on the asset tab and it will pop out a small window just above the asset with information. So, these great benefits of 24Option made this company one of the best binary options brokers. Since they were founded, 24Option has improved number of assets has increased, the platform has been re-designed and staying up to date looks to be their ambition.



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